Last updated : October 5, 2020

Church in Winter

St Andrew's Church in Boothby Pagnell February 2009


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Welcome to the Boothby Pagnell Village website.

Boothby Pagnell is a small village situated on the B1176 south of Grantham in Lincolnshire. It is mentioned in the Domesday Book under the name Bodebi. In the grounds of Boothby Pagnell Manor there stands a 12th century Norman Manor House in superb condition. It was originally part of a larger house which stood within a defensive moat, the shape of which can still be seen in the grass.

The Manor House is private but may be visited by appointment.

This website is not currently being updated regularly but you can view various pages of information using the menu to the left. In particular there is a certain amount of history shown within the Parish Church section. The PCC has now established its own website giving more details about the church and its services. This CHURCH WEBSITE can be accessed by clicking here.