Last updated : December 15, 2007

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Minutes of the meeting held at the Village Hall on 13 February 2007

Present:           Mrs P Harrison                        Vice Chairman & Treasurer
Mrs D Collins                          Secretary        
Rev J Spriggs 
Mr P Williams                         Parish meeting            
Mrs M Exton                           Ladies' Club

The meeting opened at 8.05 pm.                                                                                            

APOLOGIES: There were apologies from Mr R Bridges, Miss A Hobbs, Mrs A Roberts, Mr N Thomas & Mrs F Twilley                                   

The minutes of the previous committee meeting held on 28 November 2006 were approved and signed by the Vice Chairman, as a true and correct record.  

There were no matters arising.

03/07   TREASURER’S REPORT (Minute35/06 refers):
Present balance is       £    310.84 in the Money Master account
£   2075.81 in the current account
£      23.72 in Cash
Total                £    538.65
Plus                 £42,000 in Nottingham Building Society.

Mrs Harrison reported that we had the bills to pay for the cubicles and toilet flooring coming soon which accounts for the present amount in the current account.  The £3000 taken from the Building Society is to cover these bills and the £1500 promised for the new cooker, £1359.99 of which has now been paid out, the remaining £140.01 will be sent as soon as possible.

04/07   REPORTS FROM SUBCOMMITTEES: (Minute 36/06 refers):
Fund-Raising: It was agreed to take a rest from fund-raising and concentrate on  the work to be done with part of Mr Leeson's generous donation.

Maintenance:   The fire extinguishers and emergency lights will be tested on 20 February 2007.

The new floors and cubicles are now installed in all the toilets and are a definite improvement.

The new cooker is much admired but the installation proved more expensive than we were led to believe.  The minute 36/06 on 28 November 2006 shows that the committee agreed to spend £1500 on buying and fitting the cooker and now agreed that this decision would be upheld.  It was suggested that the Social  Club may reimburse Mr Connolly-Heywood for the difference, since they are gaining benefit from it.  Thanks were expressed by the committee to all those in the Social Club who had worked so hard restoring the kitchen to good condition after the disruption of the installation.


04/07   Mrs Harrison will write to Mr Connolly-Heywood enclosing the cheque and Mr Williams will contact him to explain.                                                                    PETER
Mr Alex Barbour is no longer involved in the painting and decorating business and Mrs Collins is now getting quotes from three other painters and decorators for redecorating the whole of the hall except the kitchen.
Emily Crawford is cleaning for us now.  She works for 2 hours on a Sunday
afternoon at a rate of £5.00 an hour and is doing very satisfactory work.    
After the last meeting closed it was suggested that Mrs Collins should ask
Mr M Wardle to have an informal look at the hall to point out anything
that needed maintenance.  This he kindly agreed to do and, as they went round discussed the possibility of replacing the wooden single glazed windows with high security double glazed UPVC.  Mr Wardle recommended this, as  it would save on maintenance as well as being more secure.  He does not supply such windows himself but said the ones he buys and fits would be about £3000 to £3500 at a rough estimate.  He is too busy to tender for the job.  The Rev Spriggs recommended the firm he used about 5 years ago who supply a good product and proved efficient and pleasant with the installation.  He had done a lot of research before choosing this firm, Starglaze of Lincoln, and Mrs Collins asked them to
quote for replacing all the windows.  The price for replacing like for like but
high security double-glazed  with rosewood grained UPVC is £2 698.  The
committee agreed  that this should be done and asked Mrs Collins to arrange it.     DEIRDRE      the Portable Appliance Testing will be carried out by the end of February.
Mrs Collins is waiting for a date from Planet Group.                        
The committee agreed that it will reduce the annual rent of the Social Club by the amount of one third of the interest received each year from the capital in the Nottingham Building Society.  This will come into effect once we have received the interest.    
The committee discussed the accumulation of rubbish in the store cupboard and Mr Williams undertook to see what could be done about it.  He had attended a meeting with SKDC to argue for the retention of the annual visit of the freighter which would have provided a solution but was told Health & Safety Rules preclude the Council from providing this amenity.  However if a village can afford to hire one privately there are no health & safety issues involved!

05/07   SECRETARY'S CORRESPONENCE: (Minute 37/06 refers)
The Land Registry has now changed the Vesting Trustee to the Official Custodian, but has retained our name & address as the management committee.

06/07   ANY OTHER BUSINESS: (Minute 40/06 refers)
a) Mrs Collins asked Mrs Twilley if she could be the deputy Booking Clerk, but she was unable to take it on.  After asking around Mr Connolly-Heywood agreed to stand in when she was away.  The arrangement is the booking clerk is Deirdre on  01476 585618.  If she is out when you ring please leave a message.  If this is not answered in a day or  so she may be on holiday.  In this case if it is urgent please ring Trevor or Denise
on 01476 585691.   They should be able to tell you if the hall is already booked for that date and, if not, take the details for passing to Deirdre - or arrange to let you in on the day if necessary.                                       

06/07   b) Rather than physically move the light switches in the club room Mr Smith is arranging to have the lights switched by a remote.  He has already got two of the wall lights on this system and hopes to extend it.  Thank you. Keith.

The AGM will be held  on Wednesday 18 April  2007  at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall, the next Committee Meeting will follow on when the AGM finishes.

The meeting closed at 9.25 pm.