Last updated : February 3, 2009


Boothby Pagnell Parish Meeting

Minutes of Ordinary meeting  held on Friday
19th September 2008
Keith Smith, Peter Williams, Pam & Mike Collier, Margaret & Ken Exton, Audrey Roberts, Elizabeth Clarke, Pauline Haw, Deidre Collins, Trevor Hutchinson, Denise Wright, Dawn Crawford, Andrew Usbourne, Liz & Neville Cox, Rachel Williams, Katherine Williams, Guy Riley, Percy Hunt, Jo & Tom Blake, Luke Barkle.

Neil Thomas, Peter Clarke, Hazel & Paul Dyson, Gill Taylor, Katherine Spence, Andy Crawford. 

Minutes of previous meeting
The minutes of the meeting held on the 17th October 2007 were read and approved as a true record.  Proposed: Elizabeth Clarke, Seconded: Deirdre Collins.

Matters arising
There was concern regarding varnishing the seat. Pam Collier told the meeting that the seat had been “plated” to preserve and prevent it warping and recommended the existing varnish be removed. Tom Blake recommended that as it was “hard wood” it should be left to weather, but monitored for any future problems.  This was agreed.

Insurance premium
PW restated his understanding that the parish Meeting had no assets and no employees and no insurable risks.  The meeting considered this and agreed that an insurance policy was not necessary. The meeting voted to continue without insurance.

Proposed: Pam Collier, Seconded: Mike Collier.

Free trees
An application was to be made for this year’s allocation of free trees from LCC.  The meeting agreed in future years we should apply for the full allocation of 25 small trees and then find homes for them retrospectively. Pam Collier agreed to assist with their allocation.

Bank Mandate
Peter Williams asked for a renewed mandate to write cheques as this was needed by our bank (HSBC).  The mandate should require all cheques to be signed by both the Clerk to the Parish Meeting and the Chairman of the Parish Meeting currently Keith Smith and Peter Williams respectively.  This was approved. Proposed: Andrew Usbourne, Seconded: Pam Collier.


Phone Box
Keith Smith explained that BT and SKDC were in conflict as to our previous request to remove the phone box and reinstate the footpath. SKDC had taken the general approach of asking BT to remove their phones but leave the boxes. Keith Smith will write to SKDC to ask them to comply with our previous request and allow BT to remove the box totally.

Road Signs
Concern was again expressed regarding speeding in the village. Peter Williams explained we had enquired about using the Flashing 30mph sign board that we understood to be available but it turns out we would need to insure the equipment and the user. That would be prohibitively expensive.  Peter Williams had suggested that Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership should perhaps provide insurance even if they had to make a small charge to users for it.  It was agreed that several people from the village should independently contact the police and our local councillor Mrs Spencer-Gregson to try to get something done.

Elizabeth Clarke asked if people would avoid leaving vehicles parked on Main St. Guy Riley explained the problem recently has been at least partly due to the building works being carried out on his house.

Keith Smith explained that previously reported damaged or missing road signs had been replaced but that one or two were still missing.  He had reported this on many occasions through the official Web site “my”.  He also explained this was available to all and very simple to use.

Spending Ideas
Keith Smith explained that he had been asked officially why the village needed a precept if it had nothing to spend the money on.  He therefore requested suggestions.

Deidre Collins reminded him that we want a sign pointing to the village hall.  Keith Smith will contact SKDC to enquire about this.

Meeting closed 9.20pm.