Last updated : February 3, 2009

New bells arrive at St Andrew’s

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The set of bells

The five bells, originally from St Peter's at Aisthorpe, arrive by flat bed lorry from Taylors, Eayre & Smith, Bellfounders of Loughborough where they had been retuned.


Moving a bell

Guy Riley, Mike Collier and Andrew Usborne use muscle power to wheel a bell into the church.


The bell team

Part of the team - recording the event for history - or taking a breather?


Get the bell in

One of St Andrew's original bells comes out.


Percy lends a hand

Percy Hunt working to winch one of the replacement bells up into the tower.


Ernie's help

Ernie Roberts does his bit too.


Mike is there too

Mike Collier in the tower where the bells are being rehung.


A fine set of bells

The bells in place. Click here to view the story.


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