Last updated : June 19, 2010

On Saturday 22nd May 2010 Jamie and Curran Netherthorpe hosted an evening for the villagers of Boothby Pagnell to help raise awareness of the plight of the parish church. The weather was beautiful - warm and sunny and the venue was perfect.

Preparations in the sunshine
The tables are ready
Percy planning something
Peter and Andrew prepare themselves
Busy at the bar
Mike organises the help
Bar staff are ready
The food arrives
The food is laid out
Guests arrive

Guests arrive.

Mingling 4
Different generations
Guest gather
Talking while the band plays
Talking while the band plays
Catching up
Presenting the bouquet to Curran
Andrew addresses the guests
Lamorna talking to the vicar
Carving the meat
Choosing a plateful
The band playing
Paul Dyson returns glasses to the bar
Andy finishes the desert
Percy and Jenny