Last updated : November 28, 2013

Church in Winter

St Andrew's Church in Boothby Pagnell February 2009


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Welcome to the Boothby Pagnell Village website.

Boothby Pagnell is a small village situated on the B1176 south of Grantham in Lincolnshire. It is mentioned in the Domesday Book under the name Bodebi. In the grounds of Boothby Pagnell Manor there stands a 12th century Norman Manor House in superb condition. It was originally part of a larger house which stood within a defensive moat, the shape of which can still be seen in the grass.

The Manor House is private but may be visited by appointment.

Church Fund Raising Programme - A fund raising event was held at Boothby Manor on 22 May to raise awareness of the difficult financial position of St Andrew's Church. Click here to see some photos.


Latest News

MARTIN HILL - County Councillor

On Friday 9 September 2011 our local county councillor and leader of Lincolnshire County Council joined us at the Social Club to answer questions from villagers on matters of concern to them. Topics raised included the provision of broadband services, bus availability, speed limits in the village, local democracy and education. Mr Hill fielded these topics knowledgeably and with good humour despite some of the queries being somewhat pointed! We hope to welcome him back for another visit next year.


Our local MP Nick Boles kindly attended an informal get together of Friday 6 May 2011 to meet those villagers who cared to attend at the the Social Club. He was asked a number of searching questions as well as a few more light hearted queries and coped admirably. We hope to invite him to return next year when the turnout of villagers may be higher.

Boiler Juice - Although we are now registered with BoilerJuice as a community, which means if you quote reference 34900 when you buy oil online from you should get a (slightly) better price and Boothby Pagnell Parish Meeting will get a small rebate, you should be aware Boiler Juice has been taken over by a company that owns about 25% of all oil supplies in the country so they are not exactly "independent" any longer.